If you’re under the impression that you don’t need to protect your trees and shrubs from the stresses that come with the colder months, then you’re mistaken. At TurfMasters of Columbia and TurfMasters of Augusta, we offer premium tree and shrub care services. Unlike many other lawn care companies in Columbia, SC, and Augusta, GA, we decided not to invest large denominations of revenue into advertising, but rather focus that money on a superior overall product. That’s specifically why we offer custom-tailored tree and shrub care services to all of our clients. Furthermore, we offer all new customers a free lawn analysis. Your shrubs and trees could all use a little TLC in preparation for the colder months. We can come and inspect all of your trees and shrubs and determine what program would be most efficacious for your yard. To claim your free lawn analysis, call TurfMasters of Columbia today at 803-522-4668 or call TurfMasters of Augusta at 706-860-0101.

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What does the TurfMasters tree and shrub care program consist of?

While your trees and shrubs all stand to benefit from the application of a horticultural oil that targets wintertime insects and protection from certain environmental stressors, it’s important to have and implement a well-rounded approach. This is what truly separates us from the majority of other lawn care companies in both Columbia, SC, and Augusta, GA. Our tree and shrub care program consists of multiple applications all throughout the year.

We’ll begin prior to spring’s arrival with the application of insect and disease that targets the insects and diseases most common during this time of year. Additionally, we’ll apply a treatment that will further protect your trees and shrubs, as well as help your plants fully recover from winter. Furthermore, your leaves’ color and size will see a marked improvement as a result. We don’t simply come and apply a generic treatment and then head off to the next job. We take a proactive approach when it comes to ensuring that your lawn, trees, and shrubs all look great by way of a custom-tailored treatment program. This is absolutely paramount in order to achieve the desired results.

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When looking for professional lawn care, tree care, and shrub care in Columbia, SC, and Augusta, GA, look no further than the local experts at TurfMasters. You can reach us to claim your free lawn analysis by calling us at 803-522-4668 in Columbia, SC, or at 706-860-0101 in Augusta, GA, or feel free to fill out our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you soon!