TopChoice® ant insecticide application

TopChoice® Insecticide Application in Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC

At TurfMasters, we utilize TopChoice® as a method to control fire ants and mole crickets. We will apply TopChoice® to lawns once per year and it will control fire ants for up to 12 months, while also knocking down mole crickets for 4 months and is highly effective against nuisance ant problems for 3 months. Furthermore, we highly recommend that all Zoysia lawns are treated with TopChoice® in order to prevent mole crickets, which are a well-known issue with Zoysia lawns in both Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC.

mole cricket control in Augusta GA and Columbia SC

How long does it take before TopChoice® begins eliminating ants and mole crickets?

In most cases, it only takes approximately 2 – 3 weeks after the initial application to begin seeing a noticeable reduction in the number of fire ant mounds and mole crickets in your lawn. Furthermore, the initial application will continuously control and deter new fire ant mounds for up to one year.

When it comes to ridding your lawn of mole crickets, especially Zoysia lawns, we may need to take a more aggressive approach. That’s precisely why it’s pertinent to consult with a professional lawn care technician at TurfMasters. We’ll inspect your lawn and determine the extent of your mole cricket issues and recommend a custom-tailored mole cricket control program. Remember, our initial lawn analysis is completely free, so you have nothing to lose.

mole cricket control for Zoysia lawn Augusta GA and Columbia SC

Can I apply insecticide myself?

TopChoice is a restricted-use product, which means it cannot be purchased without a specific chemical license. So, make sure to rely on the local, licensed professionals for all of your fire ant and mole cricket control needs in Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC. If you’re interested in fire ant control, mole cricket control, and more in Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC, call TurfMasters today in Augusta at 706-860-0101 or in Columbia at 803-522-4668, or feel free to fill out our contact form anytime. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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