What do plant growth regulators do for my lawn? More than you may think.

While you may think the key to your lawn’s emerald green, weed-free appearance is solely from fertilizer and from properly watering your lawn, there’s another option. Do you have your lawn aerated or do it yourself but can never seem to get the appearance to look like you want? Do you find yourself cutting and cutting your lawn during the peak growing season? If you do, then you may simply need to hire a professional lawn care company to apply a plant growth regulator to your turf. Plant growth regulators are something that you will not find with a lot of big brand lawn care companies in Augusta, GA, and Columbia, SC. It’s an incredibly effective method of slowing grass’ upward growth and ensuring that your lawn doesn’t suffer from any bald patches where there’s dirt or room for weeds to settle in during their prime season. If you’re searching for a professional lawn care company in Columbia, SC, or Augusta, GA, to apply a PGR (plant growth regulator) to your lawn, then look no further! You can reach TurfMasters anytime by calling us at 706-860-0101 in Augusta, Georgia, or by calling us at 803-522-4668 in Columbia, South Carolina.

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What are the common uses of plant growth regulators for my lawn?

There are multiple uses for PGRs, but they’re not all applicable to keeping your lawn looking lush and full. Sometimes, lawn care companies will actually apply PGRs in order to simply slow down the overall growth of the grass. This is a relatively common request for anyone that’s simply looking to lessen the amount or frequency with which their lawn must be cut. Additionally, PGRs are used to improve grass health and reduce the number of stressors on it. Think of this in terms of saving up energy for a long run – it’s essentially reducing the growth rate right before the summer heat arrives, which is the largest stressor of grass in Columbia, SC, and Augusta, GA.

However, we utilize plant growth regulators for a very specific and targeted reason – to thicken your lawn and ensure that your grass grows in a more horizontal manner, as opposed to direct vertical growth. Think of it as being proactive against weeds while allowing grass to fully develop. This ensures that weeds won’t really be able to absorb the necessary sunlight due to the grass being so thick. This is cyclical, as your lawn will essentially shield itself by becoming thicker and lusher.

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We begin our PGR application in mid-May and will continue this program at 28-day intervals. It’s a great method that will ensure your grass’ roots grow deeper, which allows your grass to withstand the summer stressors, and it will keep your lawn thick without needing as much mowing. It’s a win-win and not a service that most lawn care companies in Columbia, SC, and Augusta, GA, provide. If you’d like to learn more, you can reach us anytime by calling us at 706-860-0101 in Augusta, Georgia, or by calling us at 803-522-4668 in Columbia, South Carolina, or you can fill out our contact form 24/7, and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!