Edward Scott Lampert (aka Eddie) is an American businessman whose career successes are many. When it came to investing, to this day he is still remembered for sharing this axiom with his clients: “The entrance strategy is actually more important  than the exit strategy.”

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As we start this new year, we are reminded of these words relative to our comprehensive suite of lawn and landscape care services. Your lawn and landscape will always be the first impression of you and your home for first-time visitors and passersby.

The First Impression That Says A Lot About You 

There are many benefits of having a healthy lawn apart from first impressions and appearances. Maintaining a healthy lawn will also give the impression that you care about your family, their well-being and your home.

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A well-cared-for lawn provides an outdoor space that also serves as an extension of your house. With outdoor living spaces now in high demand since the COVID pandemic, lawns now serve as the bedrock leading to those leisure outdoor spaces where you can refresh your spirit and extend livable square footage as part of your home.

Alfresco dinner or a family barbecue? What better place to enjoy it all – and all that goes with it – than on a lush green lawn landscape just steps from your home’s interior.

The First Step To Maintaining A Healthy Lawn Is To Start With Regularly Scheduled TurfMasters Lawncare

Just as your lawn needs water, sunlight, and mowing to survive and thrive, monthly lawn care from TurfMasters will ensure that the most special green space surrounding your home will be all that it can be. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect from our team of Augusta, Georgia, and Columbia, South Carolina, lawn experts.

January: A blanket application of pre-emergent control targeting crabgrass will be applied along with broadleaf weed control and a root-enhancing fertilizer.

February: A second application of pre-emergent will then follow for continued crabgrass control along with broadleaf weed control and fertilizer.

March: A third application of pre-emergent for further crabgrass control along with broadleaf weed control will be applied this month.

April: An early treatment customized to your lawn’s needs which may include fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, iron, insecticide, and fungicide, based on our team’s lawn quality analysis.

May: A follow-up treatment customized to your lawn’s needs will be applied with an emphasis on fertility and localized weed control.

June: A midsummer treatment customized to your lawn’s needs which may include fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, iron, insecticide, and fungicide will be applied.

July: Continued fertilization will be applied to maintain a deep, dark green plus weed control targeting summer nuisance weeds such as nutsedge.

August: A late summer fertilizer will be applied with broadleaf weed control as needed.

September: A final fertilizer for the year will be applied to ensure strong green up as fall approaches.

October: A fall application of root-strengthening fertilizer, pre-emergent weed control, and broadleaf weed control is applied this month.

November: A lime application will be applied to maintain a favorable soil PH as soil pH plays an important role in nutrients essential for plant growth.

December: The yearlong lawn care regiment concludes with our customized winterization treatment to maintain your lawn’s health by strengthening roots and treating weeds as needed.

How A Well Maintained Lawn And Landscape Adds Value To Your Life And Your Home

Research proves that when you make the outside of your home more inviting, it shows that you care about it – and that is when your home’s value increases.

Supporting this, according to The Lawn Institute, a well-maintained lawn can increase a home’s property value by 15 to 20 percent.

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Furthermore, the National Association of Landscape Professionals says a survey showed just how important a lawn was. The Association reports that 79 percent of Americans say a lawn is one of the most important features of a house when they are looking to buy one.

With TurfMasters As My Lawn Care Provider, What Can I Do To Ensure My Lawn Is In Optimum Condition?

If you do not subscribe to a regularly scheduled mowing service, purchase a high-quality lawn mower. You’ll thank yourself over time for making that investment.

What Can I Do To Ensure My Lawn Is In Optimum Condition

If your lawn is large, you may want to consider getting a riding mower to reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to keep the grass looking good.

In addition, you may also want an edger and blower to keep things looking neat and well maintained.

How Else Can TurfMasters Help Me Care For My Home?

As your lawn serves as the welcome mat to your home, consider your landscape trees and shrubs as the living adornments that extend your reception.

The TurfMasters tree and shrub care program is the ultimate way to protect your landscape from foliar insects and associated diseases while ensuring they receive the proper nutrients needed to thrive.

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Our acclaimed tree and shrub care program was designed specifically for our geographic Southern area, so it’s tailored to the plant species found in our local landscapes and the pests present here in the CSRA –Central Savannah River Area.

Our TurfMasters tree and shrub technicians are highly trained experts.  In addition to executing your treatment program, they can help advise you on care outside of what we do. That includes, but is not limited to,  proper pruning, the timing of pruning, proper watering, and even plant selection when you’re adding to the landscape. We want to be your lifelong lawn and landscape wellness partner.

How Can I Get An Estimate For My Lawn And Landscape Care?

For more information and pricing, just click here. You can also contact us at 706-860-0101 in Augusta and 803-522-4668 in Columbia.

We look forward to speaking with – and meeting – you.